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If I let the car sit typically for a week, the car won't start. Sometimes as little as 4 days. I don't drive this car much (3,000k miles in a year), but come on, this is ridiculous. On my 5th battery in a year (because three different technicians insist that's the problem). Alternator is good--delivers 14.4V to the battery. Sitting, the car has about 12.04V at the battery--so doesn't seem to be any significant drain or short, right? Battery is properly grounded. I would do a fuse test but it's time-consuming and doesn't seem to be indicated at this point.

Just throwing this in: the battery cut-off key in the trunk seems to work imperfectly. It seems to aid in allowing me to leave the car sitting for long periods of time; but one time I forgot to turn it back on, I went three blocks then turned on the heater and BAM everything went out, even the door lights. If it were working correctly, why was I even able to start the car? Is it possible that this has something to do with it?

Tired of hauling myself to the dealer for this problem. Any ideas on where this gremlin lurks? Or do I really have to pull fuses one by one?


'91 Shamal
'95 325is
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