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If you want to buy a car as an investment search for a well priced Ferrari. I can give you a few examples
308 gt4 I bought for 49 k 15 yrs ago they now sell for 140 k
365 gt4 paid 59 k 12 yrs ago now 145 k
68 testarossa paid 150 k 10 yrs ago now 240 k
355 gts paid 160 k 8 yrs ago now 180 k

Porsche 930 turbo 3.3 Ltd paid 55 k 18 yrs ago now worth $ 190 k

Unfortunately I don’t still own these cars however I either sold for what I paid for them after 3 yrs ownership or I managed to make a few dollars. I am just not sure modern Maserati are the collector cars of choice unless we have another remake of “ The Italian Job “ with maybe George Clooney driving through the Swiss Alps with Matt Monro singing On Days Like These on the radio.
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