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I have an intermitent problem with all the dash guages dying when driving. Once they die, they will only come back thru a restart. I still have lights and brake lights but do not have turn signals when this happens. Thanks for any help. Steve

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jay1688 said:
I think problem is solved. I cleaned all the contacts in the fuse box and everything seems to be fine.
Thanks, Steve
Hi Steve,

From my experience, you probablly will have the problem again.
It is the upper "relay" on the fuse box on the left side.
You did well by cleaning the contacts but to get it, forever, right you should take the fuse box out.
It is a few hours job but not that difficult.
From the engine bay the reach to the screws is not easy but you can do it.
Once released, the fuse box just falls to the passenger side foot rest.
Take out all the connections, they are all different so don't worry to mark them.
Opening the fuse box is easy but must be done with care, there are five or so contact sheets, one after the other, when put toghether and all contact points soldered the connections are made.
So you have to resolder all the points, I repeat, all the points.
It is a very "arcaic" piece, but it works forever once resoldered.

Be carefull not to over heat the points when soldering.

Remember, that when the fault you describe happens the alternator is not charging. So the battery will go off in a very short time.


Italia Exotic


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