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'67 maserati ghibli

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ey! im a new member in the forum :)

just wanted to show pics of my maserati. its a '67 ghibli. love everything about this car from its looks to its performance. needless to say its a vintage car. feel free to leave your comments

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I will pass along the email address. Thanks. Great pictures. It is good to see these cars beeing driven and enjoyed.
Made a Wallpaper of my Rides

Ey guys! just wanted to share my efforts over the weekend. hehehe! this is when the rain pours hard and being stuck at home does. but on the flipside, i'm planning to use these pics to advertise my future garage / shop and as a backdrop when i join some car shows (given the chance). its not yet 100% done but it should be close to the idea below.

my family has long been in the car craze since the time of my grandfather. this is with regrads to car collection. now that years have passed, it's basically my turn to take over what was started. and what was started was a garage of vintage cars surrounded by trusted mechanics, painters and so on. given that, you can say i grew up with cars; and that shows how that made me feel so responsible for what was around me.

here are some pics of the garage and the collection - not to brag but just want to show the efforts of my grandfather and father who i totally idolize and hope to be still alive to see what has become of their work

my aunt,together with my uncle (dad's in-law) took over these cars upon my dad's death since no one was really going to as I was still in high-school. and these cars, at least back then, were the least of my concern. but all of that changed as i got older; and I give much appreciation and props to them for putting up a commendable effort of keeping these cars in tip-top shape. and off course, for giving me the chance to put my own efforts

since 2 years ago, iv'e been very busy on my own restoring, painting and modifying my family's cars which i've been lucky enough to now use and basically own; this goes for the spider, the ghibli and the e36 bmw. more so, lucky enough to actually win some events with these cars. at my age of 22, i'm pretty blessed. as you can see, the colors and modifications are very young which somehow reflects my personality and preferences with cars.

i plan to expand in the future in the sense that my shop will be fully operational to the public. now its really more of word of mouth and friends coming in, but its a start. aside from what is in the picture, i plan to restore an alfa romeo zagato. its still in the works but it should come along in the near future

more pics in the cardomain. the bmw has been the most updated. enjoy! feel free to give your inputs

here is the wallpaper

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pure eyecandy, but not sure about the high tech stuff in your Ghibli..! anyway a man with great taste, i'm also an Alfa and Maser addict.

have fun with that fleet!

cheers iwan
Iwan said:
pure eyecandy, but not sure about the high tech stuff in your Ghibli..! anyway a man with great taste, i'm also an Alfa and Maser addict.

have fun with that fleet!

cheers iwan
thanks there :) hahaha! i know i'd get comments from the system in the ghibli :) i do understand where you guys are coming from. hehehe! if there's any compensation, i kept the oem radio and speakers. although they're not in "worthy" working condition - explains the upgrades. hehehe

thanks man. have to say the same about the addiction to both manufacturers. not to be biased since we own them but alfa romeo and maserati sports cars seem to have this distinction of class and taste from the rest. i really can't explain this fully. at the same time, their under-ratedness makes them stand out amongst the more mainstream sports cars. ironic but true - at least for me, this goes for the vinatge and more so, the modern models.

Thanks for sharing. Two alfas here, no Maserati yet, but that needs to change soon ;-)
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