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I have a set of Sport GT wheels for sale off my 07 QP.

2x 20x8.5
2x 20x10.5

Rear tires are bald. Front tires are Lexani and have less than 1K miles on them.

All will need to be repainted.

I had used Autodip which is a "vinyl wrap spray", to get them gloss black. Supposed to peel off in pieces like plasti dip.

I guess I left it on for too long so when I went to remove them, the paint came with it :(

I only tried one wheel, so i'm only assuming the others are same.

I went with aftermarket wheels so no use for these. If anyone wants to re-paint them you have a great set of wheels.

$1000 plus shipping.

Best contact is email: [email protected]
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