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4200GT Cambiocorsa at Sepang F1 Circuit

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Here is the link to the videoclip. May take some time to load.
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Apologies for the last clip as it took too long. Found a new hosting site which loads up much faster. This was taken at the Sepang Formula 1 track with my 4200GT cambiocorsa going down the finish line. I probably hit around 240-250km/h down the straight.

Will keep u guys updated with more stuff.

Here is the link:
Maserati/Ferrari Track day

This pic was taken on the way up to the track. Was a wonderful drive up to KL in a convoy with the rest of the guys.


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Porsche Boxster Vs Maserati 4200GT

Just uploaded another file to this link again.

I wasnt really flat out here, wasnt really a race! Just a fun run!
U can compare it to my other clip which i posted earlier on the same link, went much faster on that one.
Wow, that's fast! That is an awesome top speed for that long straight!
The exhaust sounded GREAT too!
Would love to take a taxi ride in your ride.
Hope to get acquainted with you soon.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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