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4200 Spyder Quick questions

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Quick list of questions (so hopefully some quick answers ) 2003 53 Car, in the UK.

1. Satnav - does it use a cd/dvd. If so can you get updated ones, can they copied (for use as backup of course)

2. Final things to look out for when buying? Recalls/Campaigns, checks on servicing etc.

3. Phone preperations - what do you reccomend - just by a sim card (do you only get little ones now or do they come credit card sized still??) ?

4. Anyone got one with an origin b2 installed - if so photos would be great.

5. Cambiflappycorsa gearbox - anything to watch out - anyway to check clutch wear prior to purchasing?

6. Hood - treatments needed or are they good and hardwearing

7. Those slits behind the handbrake/under armrest-wassat all about then?

8. Speaker upgrades - anyone done it, is it necessary?

9. Virginia Water meet in mid-september> (invite extended to Morgan owners of course)

10. Anything else?

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Watch out for speaker upgrades. Someone tried that on a coupe and reported it about 5 months ago. The whole system went out until he changed everything. Remember, the stereo is an integrated system with the rest of the computer. The receiver was not able to read the new speakers. Try and find the post concerning the upgade in this general forum.
Agreed about question 1.

Can you give me more info about the slot bits then? Theres more than one! As for the other questions, other opinions and responses are welcome.

the "slot bits" are the cd player opennings. Mine has a single open slot for my single cd player.
The other "slot bit", I think, is for the SIM card for your GSM phone, if supported.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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