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As I mentioned a while back I've been searching for as many 6mt cars as I can find, and as promised, here is the list of cars I've been able to get info on. If you know of others, or have specific info on any of these, please let me know. These are all NA/US spec cars, and I have not identified any as forum member's cars. Note; BC= Coupe BB= Spyder

Maserati Coupe and Spyder Gt
Vin Numbers

Vin Number Year Exterior Interior Notes
ZAMBB18A120005843 2001 Blue Tan Earliest US vin found
ZAMBB18A520005926 2002 UnK Blk Totaled/ Broken for parts
ZAMBB18A920005931 2002 Gr. Alf Blk Salvage, Poor condition
ZAMBB18A920006027 2002 Red Tan Salvage title, Body kit
ZAMBC38A220006136 2002 Gr. Nouv Tan
ZAMBB18A420006193 2002 Gr. Alf Blk
ZAMBB18AX20006196 2002 Gr. Blue Body work odd
ZAMBB18A420006193 2002 Gr. Alf Blk Last sold 8-7-20
ZAMBB18AX20006196 2002 Grig Nouv Blu FS Global Auto Exch. $26k
ZAMBC38A220007190 2002 Rosso Blk Totaled/ Broken for parts
ZAMBB18A220007682 2002 Gr.Nouv Blk Sold on BAT 10-17-18
ZAMBB18A720007824 2002 Giallo Blk Sold Mohr Imports
ZAMBC38A120008427 2002 Uk Tan Totaled/ Broken for parts
ZAMBC38A320008445 2002 Nero Cuio FS Mebane Auto Trading $27k
ZAMBC38A520008446 2002 Rosso Blk Sold BAT
ZAMBC38AX20008507 2002 Red Tan Rebuilt title
ZAMBC38A120008606 2002 Nero Tan
ZAMBC38A120008783 2002 UnK Totaled/Broken for parts
ZAMBC38A430009072 2003 Rosso Tan Sold on BAT Accident
ZAMBB18A530009086 2003 Med Blu Tan Sold Scottsdale
ZAMBB18A730009087 2003 Rosso Blk Sold Amelia Island 8-20
ZAMBB18A930009088 2003 Rosso Blk Sold South Beach
ZAMBC38A230009183 2003 Gri Alf Blk For sale Auto Trader 26k
ZAMBC38A830009236 2003 Uk Uk Totaled/ Broken for parts
ZAMBB18A630009341 2003 Gri. Nouv Tan Assembly #11054
ZAMBB18A830009938 2003 Rosso Blk Sold Mecum 1-6-19
ZAMBB18A930010001 2003 Nero DS Tan
ZAMBB18A630010098 2003 Gri. Alfi Uk Sold Barrett Jackson
ZAMBB18A230010244 2003 Nero Car. Blk
ZAMBC38A630010305 2003 Verdi GW Blu Sold on BAT
ZAMBB18A530010562 2003 Rosso Tan Assembly #11842
ZAMBC38A340011154 2004 Blu Tan Sold on BAT Repaint
ZAMBC38A340011168 2004 Rosso Blk
ZAMBB18A240011198 2004 Rosso Tan Sold 30k
ZAMBB18A340011520 2004 Nero Car. Tan
ZAMBB18A940011697 2004 Rosso Blk Sold 4-7-17 Bar.J 9-5-19 Mecum
ZAMBC38A440012250 2004 Gri. Alfi Blk
ZAMBB18A340012411 2004 Nero Gry Vintage Pack
ZAMBC38A740012792 2004 Nero Blk For sale Auto Trader 27k
ZAMBB18A040012902 2004 Gri. Alfi Gry For sale Birmingham Al 33k
ZAMBB18AX40013359 2004 Nero Blk
ZAMBB18A640013441 2004 Gri. Alf Blu
ZAMBB18A740013903 2004 Gri Alfi Gry 38
ZAMBB18A740014114 2004 Blu Tan Sold Southebys 9-2-18
ZAMBC38AX50016465 2005 Nero Tan Sold BAT 24.5K
ZAMBC38A950016862 2005 Rosso Tan
ZAMBC38AX60023109 2006 Nero Blk Stripper?
ZAMBC38A460024420 2006 Nero Blk FS Ultimo Motors $32k Stripper?
ZAMBC38A360024618 2006 Nero Blk Stripper?
ZAMBC38A360025106 2006 Nero Blk Stripper?
Thanks for sharing the information. Looks like I have the only Med. Blue around. # 9086 now lives in Walnut Creek, CA 41,500 miles Bob Zim
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