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I have to agree with everything said, 4 months ago I switched my allegiance from BM (last one a Diesel! Previous one a Z3M Coupe) and don't regret it. I have a 2 and a half year old CC Coupe with 6k miles on it and a nice £25k discount on new. Somewhat of a bargain in my eyes, but then i am yet to satrt paying for servicing etc...

For me you have to put up with niggles, warning lights here and there and generally a driving environment not so well thought as modern BM's. But what you get in return is character, speed, noise and style - a pretty good trade IMO. People let me out of junctions these days and others take time to tell me how nice the car is - good for the ego! I certainly don't regret the change.

One thought, if you do a lot of city driving think twice about a CC. It's just not very good at it (see previous threads). I find it very frustrating in traffic - the clutch that is - and the car throws out ECU errors after stop start comutes and any long queues.

Other than that it's sex on wheels, buy one, get rid of the standard exhaust and enjoy...!

1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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