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I have owned an '03 4200 for just over two years and am exchanging it for an 05 model this Tuesday. I moved from a BMW to Maserati and have not regretted it. I would only advise that you buy from an official dealer and/or ensure you have a Warranty with it. They are expensive to fix. I have had a couple of warranty claims on mine and they have been dealt with by the dealer effeciently and without question - they also lent me a BMW while they fixed it.
I understant a new model will be released in '07. There have been rumours it will be based on the QP platform but also rumours that it might use an Alfa platform with a different, non-Ferrari engine. I guess all we can do is wait and see! However, I decided to dive in again and get another 4200. I wont buy a Maserati new as the first years depreciation is too high. I have just paid £48,000 for a 10 month old 4200 with only 2500 miles on the clock - the car was £63,000 new! The depreciation over the next couple of years is acceptable to me and not that different to other cars in its class.
If you buy from a dealer (I recommend Paul Train at Dick Lovett, Swindon) they will look after you and ensure the car is good. Otherwise watch out for clutch wear, cluth release bearing is a known weakness and are easily replaced under warranty, ensure your wheels are aligned properly or it will eat tyres - other than those experiences, my car has been extremely reliable and used as a daily transport.
Serviceing costs are high but not horrendous on a car of this type. Expect approx £800 for a 6000 mile service and approx £1000 for an 18,000. The cams are chain driven on the 4200 so no expensive belt change later.
As for colour etc - I guess the louder it gets the less appealing it will be for resale. I'd go for blue, silver, black (hard to keep clean). Yellow is ok if thats your thing but it wouldn't appeal to everyone. I'd also go for dark leather inside as opposed to light cream if you use the car regularly.
I mentioned warranties earlier - you can now buy a Maserati extended warraanty in the UK at a cost of about £2000 a year.
I think they are great cars - quicker than most 911's but rarer and more stylish.

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