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4200 CD Changer Questions

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Hi Guys

I've just bought a 2002 4200 coupe, which wasn't originally specified with the CD Multichanger.

To avoid paying Dealer prices do any of you know what manufacturer / model the Changer is? also where is it located in the car (I assume the boot / trunk but is it hidden or just sitting there in the space?)


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Which side is the changer on?

Simple question, but which side of the trunk is the changer normally on, the driver or passenger side? I took the liner off the driver side, and I couldn't find any helpful wiring, although the antenna connections are on that side.
Changer wiring

I've gone a little further and disassembled the armrest. I can see the back of the installed CD player has two connecters that are in use, and a third (the lowest), that has nothing plugged in. Anyone know if this is the spot for the changer, and if so, what the pinout is?
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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