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4200 CD Changer Questions

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Hi Guys

I've just bought a 2002 4200 coupe, which wasn't originally specified with the CD Multichanger.

To avoid paying Dealer prices do any of you know what manufacturer / model the Changer is? also where is it located in the car (I assume the boot / trunk but is it hidden or just sitting there in the space?)


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Once the CD Changer is purchased and installed, does it work as if equipped from the factory with no software changes from Maserati?

If so, that sure sounds like the way to go...

Where did you find the changer? I've searched the Net, but can't seem to locate that model offered by any of the audio sites.
Re: Blaupunkt CD-Changer

nteplin said:
I just had the dealer in Woodland Hills install a CD-Changer in the trunk of my 2002 Spyder Cambio. The model is a Blaupunkt IDC A09. The dealer also obtained a factory trunk panel for a "factory look". It's worked out very well.
Sounds like you did exactly as I want to do. :)

Did you purchase the changer from the dealer or off the internet?

I found the CD changer on the internet (reconditioned for $100 on eBay), but have yet to install it.

I did pull off the panel on the left side in the trunk, but couldn't find any matching electrical connectors. A couple of days later, I ran into my dealer's service guy at a show and asked him about the wiring. He said some cars have the harness and some don't. Oh good....

We didn't discuss at length, but he said he would do some checking for me.

Assuming your car has the wiring harness and connectors, you need to order the proper trunk panel from your dealer.

1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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