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I recently came across a scale model kit of a 1963 3500 GTi, which I thought would be interesting to build, though it will require a bit of work to scratchbuild parts to make it complete and authentic. I have quite a bit of reference material including a factory parts manual and cutaway drawings, but no actual car to look at. There appear to be no two examples that are alike, and I was wondering if any of you could answer the following questions:

• There is an accordion-style air inlet hose that runs from the injection air filter to somewhere toward the front of the car. Does it end by the grille? By the air duct under the bumper?

• Would this car have disc brakes on all 4 wheels?

• One interior photo shows tinted plexi sun visors. Was this standard?

• Some photos show a passenger seat headrest. Was this a factory option or aftermarket?

• Some photos show long chrome hinges attached to the sides of the seats for pulling the seat back aside for back seat entry. Would this be appropriate on a '63 GTi?

• One set of GTi photos shows ribbed chrome kickplates running along the bottom 1/4 of the interior door panels (similar to a Ferrari 275 GTB, but curving up). Would this be correct for a '63 GTi?

• Some photos of both the GT and GTi show a piece of chrome running along the top of the rear fenders, and some don't. When were these discontinued? I have the same question about the chrome piece that fits on the front of the hood scoops.

• Where is the injection pump mounted? Can't see it in any engine photos, but I know it's there (mounting position not shown in my cutaway or parts manual).

Thank you for your help.
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