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2005 Coupe CC
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OK, here is part 2

m) now loop the belt around the alternator and under the idler pulley. Again, nudging the belt between the pulleys and the hard lines. Don't use screwdrivers or sticks or anything pointy. It fits, just have faith.
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n) go under the car, cut the tie wrap and release the tension on the serpentine belt tool handle slowly
o) verify the belt is properly seated in the pulleys for the crank, the alternator, the power steering pump, and the a/c compressor
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p) remove the serpentine belt tool
q) start the car and verify all is working well
r) use your Torx set to re-install the electrical bracket under the car
s) replace your rubberized plastic dust shield under the car
t) remove the jack stand and restore the car to the ground

Enjoy your car!!!
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