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Hey Folks!

I have now hit the 3-week mark as the proud owner of a new, Anniversary Blue GranSport. No Sat/Nav, but everything else. Pictures included below.

Even though I live in Houston, I purchased mine at Park Place Maserati in Dallas. The guys over there are awesome! Very friendly, very helpful, and I'd highly recommend them. It was a great experience doing the test drive. Then, a friend of mine and I flew up there, signed the papers, and had a great road trip back to Houston.

After three weeks with the paddles, I'm throwing friends back into the passenger seat with the acceleration. I'll have to admit... while it took only a few days to "get used" to the cambiocorsa, I'd say it was a good two weeks before I really felt in command of high-rev shifting in sport mode.

The car runs like a dream. I thought the seats were great in my 545, but these are just awesome. Italian quirk of the day... love how the turn signal simply indicates that it's on or off... not which direction you are turning. No cup holders doesn't phase me a bit, but I will seriously consider upgrading the stereo. A few songs with low base notes really show the limitations... much better system in the Bimmer.

Back with more later, but just wanted to say that I am a Maserati fan for life. Next step is to get some track tires and spend same time at the new road course south of town.


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