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2nd Eurotek groupbuy

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If you're possibly interested in another Eurotek groupbuy because you missed the first one post here. I've had 3 people call me in the last week asking if we could do this. I checked with Phil at Euro and he doesn't mind so if the interest is there maybe we can get the ball rolling.

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Eurotek groupbuy discount

we talked via phone and while I'd want to actually drive my "new" GS a bit before commiting, my sense is that I'd likely want to go in on the group purchase. That said, however, is there anyway of getting a thread going here that would address the real and perceived degree of enhancement that the Eurotek ECU has actually had on the GS cars? I'm not sure I'd want to put one on without some objective sense of what it can be expected to do performance wise, and hearing from other GS owners.
That's great feedback. What year is your GS and how many miles did you have on it when you put the chip in and how many miles have you put on it since?
How would you describe the balance of "enhancements" between "get up and go"; top end improvement and what you refer to as overall driveability?? My understanding is that they've already done some very nice things to the transmission software in sport mode, as well as some exhaust improvements in sport mode also, so my question would light of those pre-existing enhancements, how much better does the chip make things in the areas I just identified?
Sorry if it's too confusing. I'll take whatever you give me in response.
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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