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2nd Eurotek groupbuy

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If you're possibly interested in another Eurotek groupbuy because you missed the first one post here. I've had 3 people call me in the last week asking if we could do this. I checked with Phil at Euro and he doesn't mind so if the interest is there maybe we can get the ball rolling.

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RQ said:
...And I could be wrong here, but didn't the original group buy have some kind of a money back guarantee? Maybe I just imagined it...
NAPerformance said:
...And haha did also...
and we also know that haha wasn't too excited about the numbers after the mod. honestly, don't do it if 91 oct is the only fuel you're be using.
wow...that was a long post...

Yes, the car drives different and certain characteristics have improved but what kbrookings and STARDOC going after are numbers, hard facts. Dyno's don't lie, of course there are accurate ones and inaccurate ones but having done it twice i believe I can very well say Don't do it!
Kevin, I have nothing against you. In fact, I appreciate the effort and that was the reason why I gave up the idea of sending the ECU back while involving you in the middle. Shooting the messenger just isn't how I operate. Once again, Eurotek should be candid about what they can and cannot achieve with the mod. I'm quoting this from Phil's email.

"Yes 91 octane programs are limited and also you do not have an aggressive race program. If that was what you wanted it would have cost you $2495 to $3000. Race applications were not part of the group buy. Also do not let dyno numbers disappoint you if your happy with the way the car performs.
We can spend more time on it but it will cost more per hour."

How typical. Buy more expensive stuff to get what they really advertised, discounted stuff don’t work as well. Why didn’t they say so from the get-go. I suppose as long as I feel my car is producing 5000HP then it is okay for me to be the sucker. Here is the kicker, mind you, Phil had already conceded that the 91 octane programs are limited in the message above but sends me another email telling how bad the dyno result was.

"I reviewed the charts whoever ran the dyno made significant looses as they shifted gears. Look at the drops, this motor loose power so easily in between gears it needs to be kept in the higher RPM band for consistency
Lastly the end result for this car should be in 4th gear not 5th or 6th ever."

Seriously, which gear is the 1:1 on our cars?

Anyway, I give the mod an A for the drivability but F for the performance. Of course, if anyone's willing to put additives in their fuel tank that would eventually leave a thin film on the fuel injector then go for the 93 programs. Or get 96 or 100 octane at 9 bucks a gallon. Once again, machines don't lie.
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RQ said:
I'm probably ignorant here, but is it really possible that 2 octane points make that big a difference?
To me it was a huge change, variables being a GS and 93...

in the example, the max power is reduced by 4% switching from 93 to 91. I assume the loss could be greater on bigger engines.
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