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Hello, I'm currently in the market for a Quattroporte or Ghibli SQ4. I'd like to use the car for a daily commuter...something that'll ride really comfortably, but will sprint like a mutha when asked to.

I first tested the QP on a whim, and the initial impression was excellent...The ride was more compliant than my current car (even in sport mode), and it was the fastest car I've ever sat in. I was too thrilled to really pick out anything wrong with it.

After researching the brand further, I decided to test the's a more practical size and price, but the same engine and many other features. So I went back to the dealer this weekend, prepared to do some serious fact-finding. By then, I was more picky and found a couple of issues.

Has anybody tried their A/C yet? The test drive Ghibli's A/C did not get cold...and the outside temp was around 35F! I brought down the temperature all the way and blasted the fan on recirc mode and the air probably only got down to 70F. I asked the rep about it and he said, "Maybe it's the time of year" (as if...the Landlord didn't turn the A/C on yet??)

The engine noise in the Ghibli was pretty loud, even while cruising on a flat at 60mph in "normal" mode. I didn't really pick up on this with the QP--like I mentioned, I was having too much fun to be picky. Has anyone found their QP to be noisy like this? and had problems with too much background noise during phone calls? I'm wondering if the noise on the day-to-day commute will just get on my nerves.

Has anyone noticed the rear seats have problems latching shut? I first noticed it on the showroom Ghibli. Then I noticed it on the test drive Ghibli. I figured 'brand new base model...minor build problems' Then, to my horror, the QP in the showroom had the same problem. The carpet backing on the seats is cut too generously, so I tried folding it in so it wouldn't block the latch, but that didn't help either. I tried slamming it pretty hard in all models, and nothing worked.

Looking forward to hearing about your experiences!
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