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Hey everyone, this is my first post so hopefully I'm posting in the right location. The audio in my 14 QP just completely stopped working while I was driving. I only get the chimes when the ignition is on or when the trunk or door are opened. No audio from parking sensors or speakers.
I've read up on this issue and have done various things to try and fix this issue:
  1. Purchased the OEM Maserati Battery charging kit to make sure battery is at optimal levels.
  2. Purchased and swapped out my original amplifier with a used working amplifier
  3. Replaced the Premium Sound Amplifier Fuse (F11) and the Radio Fuse (F37). When I checked the amplifier fuse it was originally in slot F10 which has 2 posts instead of slot F11 with only one.I don't know if this would affect anything or not.
  4. Turned all settings on the equalizer to 5 to see if there was any sound then returned back to 0.
Is there anything else I should try? Are the amps VIN specific and do they need to be coded?
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