It's finally time to part ways with my gts. It's been a fun time but I need to clear up some dti on my credit report to buy a house so the fun car has to go.

It's a 2014 with a beautiful charcoal exterior and peanut butter interior. Exactly 56,371 miles on the clock and will be going up slightly as I continue to drive it. It's financed so the bank has the title which is as easy as sending the bank the pay off money directly and having the title released and signed over to the buyer.

The car has been great through the small time I've had it, with only 1 real failure being the power steering pump which was promptly replaced and the car runs and drives like a dream currently with no mechanical issues.

Clean title car, regularly maintained, never smoked in, and never in any accidents.

It's not a perfect car and for full transparency I will list all issues with it: The interior leather is faded and damaged in a couple spots on the door panels. It has the classic sticky buttons which i hear can be removed with makeup wipe easily. And finally, The passenger side headlight bulb needs to be replaced.

Besides those things the car is amazing. It currently has Bronze Adohan wheels on Pirelli tires but I can include the oem wheels at no extra cost.