Full set of Front / Rear Seats from a 2014 Maserati GranTurismo MC. If you check compared to other sellers this is a fantastic price for a full set, currently another set if on eBay for $5k, same seats. You can refresh your interior or replace just a single seat at this price. Selling as a complete set.

Being sold strictly in "as-is" condition. We believe all seat motors / functions work properly with the exception that the Airbag was deployed on the Passenger Front Seat. Typically, the airbag can be replaced and the seat can be restitched afterwards. Seat Rails, Seat Modules, etc are installed under the seats and included. They were just unbolted from the vehicle in this condition, nothing else was removed.

You can contact us for a freight quote or they are available for pickup.

Best to call or email for details as we aren't always able to check the forum.

Best Regards,