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Hey guys! I wanted to share our latest Sport Performance Exhaust package with you guys. This package is made up of our 2ndary Catalytic Converter X-Pipe Bypass, Supercup Mufflers and ECU tune. The car sounds INSANE and doesn’t drone at all! I drove the car from PA to NY and the ride was perfect with no resonance inside the car (with the top up or down). With the Software Tune and removal of the redundant secondary Cats and Supercup Mufflers, the turbo’ s spool nearly instantly and the car is just a rocket ship!

We just did a full build on a 2014 Bentley GT Speed for one of our great customers. The vehicle had less than 50 miles on it and now the customer loves, which is the most important thing.

Please let me know if you have any questions! We offer a nice discount to all forum members, so feel free to PM me for pricing or to inquire on sending your vehicle to Fabspeed for a full build and more.

Enjoy! (and turn your speakers up) :D

FABSPEED MOTORSPORT | Bentley GT Speed Convertible - YouTube

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