Hello folks,
It's been a fun ride, but it's time to sell our GT - permanent teleworking means it doesn't get used enough to justify, and I hurt my back last fall so I can't get in and out as easy any more. Time to put some money towards more rational things like retirement (did I really say that?).

2011 Burgundy Gran Turismo S Coupe, very good condition, only a few very minor dings/chips. The color is really nice, only burgundy one I've seen in person. Has the built in trunk "wing" and even is one of the few with the 4.7 emblem on the back. Runs perfectly, we don't hesitate to take it for road trips to SD a few times a year (that's trust since it would have to come back to Minnesota if something went wrong most likely). We bought it in Colorado and drove back to MN, what a ride! We keep it in a heated garage with a charger on it in the winter, though it doesn't need the charger. I know others have had battery issues, but ours had a 2013 battery in it that worked perfectly - I changed it last year out of an abundance of caution with another AGM - I now use it as a trolling motor battery, still going. Anyway, I forgot to plug it in this winter and it was perfect after 4 months sitting. None of that 3 weeks and the battery is dead thing going on here. I’m sure this car has never seen salt - the undercarriage is amazingly clean, looks like it is only a year or two old kind of clean. We certainly never took it on salt. Suspension is all tight as it should be, had it aligned when we got it and it’s good. Skyhook works as it should. Runs/drives/shifts great.

Interior excellent, it actually still has plastic on the carpet under the feet - but not perfect, it does have the sticky buttons but they are much better than most I've seen. And I stupidly put a little tear in the rear armrest. Otherwise, way above normal.

So - downside - steering wheel buttons don’t work. I don’t care because I just want to drive so I didn’t fix them, others might want that. I’ve turned on the radio like three times and tried to use the nav once. I listen to the engine :). Radio/nav work fine, just no steering wheel control. TPMS works but doesn’t work. It reads the pressures, but says they aren’t working so there is the little icon on the dash. I was going to change the batteries on the sensors in the rear when I changed rear tires, but I didn’t wear them out yet. I did replace the front tires and sensors when I had it aligned and they are still in excellent shape and TPMS reads them. I think it’s just a rear sensor battery issue. That’s it on the issue part, everything else works as it should. Two keys/remotes - it didn’t have an owners manual when we got it, but I bought one for it. I don’t have the Maserati cover for the OM though.

I changed the oil last spring for our 2nd time, I haven’t done the other stuff but meant to before my back went wonky. The fluids/belts look new however, so I would not have an issue not doing it right now (and I’m usually a maintenance guy). I changed the rear diff fluid after seeing some of that in this forum, it was pretty dark so that was a good choice. I put hawk HPS pads on the front because they squeaked like crazy (solved that), I have the new pads for the rear but they don’t need them yet.
PM if interested for more details.