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Any interest in black (red wrapped) 2010 Maserati Granturismo S with 43,000 miles for $40,000? Located in Springfield, MO. Still owe some money on it, so the bank will have to be involved in the transaction.

I've owned it for 9 months. 2 slight issues when I bought it that I never fixed. 1) brake sensors are out 2) squeaky brakes. I had a PPI done from a high-end shop that works on exotics, they said the brakes, rotors, pads were fine and that the car was in solid condition. You're welcome to get your own PPI at your expense, I'll reimburse if you end up buying. I'll also reimburse airfare if you end up buying.

Yes I can remove the wrap, but I need to be able to tell you're really serious and won't back out if paint checks out or something that you're looking for.

Message for more details, pics, etc.

Thank you!

P.S. - Will trade for an equal value F-Type or if yours is worth less. I will also consider a trade for equal value Ghibli SQ4. I have the green light from my bank for collateral substitute, so that's how I'm able to trade while still owing on the car.
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