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2009 GranTurismo S
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When I bought my '09GT S it didn't come with books. I found a set for the right year but wrong VIN on eBay and bought them. I kept looking though and ended up actually finding the books for my car from a previous owner. Imagine that! They even had a spare key, and it still worked!

So I have a set for a 2009 GranTurismo S F1 with the last 5 of the VIN 43344. Would be cool to reunite them with the actual car and current owner if it's out there. Looks like it was originally sold in NY.

If you currently own this car get in touch with me and you can have the books for what I paid for them $200. The pouch shows a bit of wear but not in terrible shape.

If nobody claims this in a couple months I'll throw it up in the ads to see if anyone wants to buy it.

With only 300 of this car being around shouldn't be too bad odds the owner would be looking for this!
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