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Hi everyone. I've been a quiet lurker for awhile on ML (admittedly I spend more time on Fchat) and figure it'd be a good idea to post here.

2009 Maserati Granturismo S, Nero (clear bra) with red leather/ silver carbon interior. Just crossed 50k miles. Located in Los Angeles area. This has mostly been a "Friday" car.

As many of you probably know, this is the one with the F1 transmission (the last iteration of Ferrari's single disc, robotised manual gearbox, s/a the 599 Superfast with a 100ms shift above 5500rpm.) Clutch % was checked during a ppi at Franco's European (Franco's best known as Jay Leno's Lambo guy on his show) showing the clutch at w/ 53% worn.

The best part is it already has the top two "must do" mods (about $3,500 value) for this model, Larini Sport Cats and Drive-by-wire. The sound from the sport cats is unreal and the DBW offers improved take-off and and allows the transmission to utilize faster shifting profiles more often (and improved clutch life.) The original cats in excellent condition will be included.

During my ownership, here are some of the maintenance/ mod highlights:

New Rear brake pads/ rotors
New passenger seat motor
(FYI both of these were in response to the aforementioned ppi) She's all sorted now!

1/31/17 New tires/ Alignment checked
Front: 2x 245/35ZR20 (95Y)XL P ZERO
Rear: 2x 285/35ZR20 (100Y) P ZERO

Larini Sport Cats
Formula Dynamics Drive by Wire
Service performed including:
Reusable performance air filter, pollen filter, oil, coolant, power steering, brake flush, drive/ aux belts (also replaced a noisy belt pulley)
Cam cover gaskets

Alternator and oil sending sensor

Car is in very good condition. I'm happy to send along pics of any "flaws." There's really not much (mostly flaws in clear bra and some interior pieces in early stages of being "sticky." I'm pretty OCD, so I went overboard on anything and everything to be up front.) It personally bugs me when everyone seems to throw around an "excellent" condition status in their ads.

I'll throw in a Ctek battery tender, as well. I always keep it plugged in when not driving and as a result, never had any quirky fault codes these cars tend to get when driven infrequently (this has mostly been a Friday/ weekend car.)

I’ll also include a factory outdoor car cover (worth over $400) and a custom fit satin indoor cover for garage.

The ONLY reason I'm selling this is to get into a 360 (Fcar guy at heart.) I originally was going to let go of my 308, but changed plans (partly due to market being soft on those, but mostly due to the fact I'm still in love with that car!)

Asking $37,000. Please shoot me a PM and don't hesitate to throw out an offer that you think is fair.

Please feel free to reach out for addl pics, service records, receipts, vids, etc. Thanks for looking!

p.s. Not related, but I'll prob be posting up a DIY on my seat motor fix soon. I've read a lot of great posts on this forum, but feel it may benefit from some more diys!


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Aaaaand she's gone. Traded towards a 360 Spider. Now, someone please go and buy Dave Rocks car. :)
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