Fits 2009-2012 QP5s (All Variants), Gran Turismo, Gran Turismo Sport, Gran Cabrio and some 4200s.
Might Fit 2005-2008 QP5s, can be checked.

Components replaced as a preventive maintenance measure. Upon inspection, all these components are made of EPDM, the same material used for Space Shuttle window gaskets, selected for mechanical & sealing stability under extreme hot and cold temperatures. These parts have plenty of life left in them, are very pliable, show no interior degradation as far as I can see, are becoming difficult to find new.

Placement Diagrams Available Upon Request

Header price shown at $300 is extra incentive pricing to sell all 10 items as a Lot.
Individual sale prices total $423. Recent Vendor Pricing for New Components total $661.

I am confident I can ship the radiator completely safely.

Part Description P/N List $* Sale $**
Radiator (Pressure tested, looks new)00223561$382.86$290.00
Hose, Upper Radiator221355$40.93$27.00
Hose, Lower Radiator221356$26.38$17.00
Vent Pipe, Expansion Tank to Radiator230562$16.41$15.00
Hose, Expansion Tank to Water Pump227136$43.69$25.00
Coolant Hose to Water Pump69418200$17.74$15.00
Hose, Expansion Tank to Bundy241141$24.00$15.00
Hose Between Right & Left Bundy227489$7.98$5.00
Hose from Heads to Solenoid Valve203568$38.19$27.00
Hose, Expansion Tank to Water Pump227136$43.69$27.00

*Reputable Vendor Recent Prices (Eurospares, FerrParts, Scuderia)
**Seller Pays Shipping in US Lower 48

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