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2008 gran turismo struggling to start when warm

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Hi all just bought a 2008 Maserati grand turismo with the 4.2 engine but have a few slight issues!

first is when it starts from cold I hear like a grinding for a few seconds after start up! ( sounds like starter motor isn’t retracting properly?)

second is once the cars up to temp and I turn it off and back on it struggles, will turn and turn then spring into life after about 4 full seconds.

Have also noticed fuel economy is terrible about 12mpg but it is a 4.2 after all so this is to be expected

anyone ever heard of these problems or know of common issues??
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Sorry to tell you but it sounds like you have the variator problem which is very expensive to fix:

Search "variator" in the forum and you'll find some useful info and costs.
That’s for the reply! I will post a video tonight but it actually sounds a lot more mechanical like grinding. doesn’t really sound like that (I don’t think)

it does seem like the viarator is a common issue, plus my car is now just hit 70k miles or 114km
Yes, it would be best to post a video with clear sound since descriptions can be misleading. Engine noise upon startup very well could be the variators. Maybe you will be lucky and it will be something else.
So for whatever reason this wont let me upload a video but '18000rpm' was correct as this is a variators problem. Once the car is started it rattles for about 2 seconds then goes away. After starting and then restarting immediately the car doesn't make any sound as i believe the oil is already at top of engine therefore no rattle.

Second issue i found now is that its very rough on idle and a bit smokey which makes me think the variator are too far gone and cam end caps need updated with check valves.

Does anyone know a good place to send the cap cam ends away to get machined?

Am i right in thinking that if i replace the cam cap ends, variators and even service the car with 10w 60 oil then the noise should go away? Is there more too it than that?

Also I believe the reason the car wouldn't start when warm is the key is broken and the immobilizer wouldn't recognise it unless locked and then unlocked then it works.
You would need variators replaced, cam cap check valves installed. 5W-40 oil is the correct spec for this engine.
While the mechanic is doing the job, they usually replace the cam cover gaskets and front main seal. Hopefully, you don't have issues with the condition of the timing chain guides, but they should check while they are in there.
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