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Greetings guys:

Im two months into my purchase of an 06 QP SportGT, and LOVE IT. I changed from Mercedes to Maserati, and while the fit and finish isn't QUITE the same as the Germans, there is a lot more passion. I have 26k miles on it (7k of my own in the first 2 months), and it is incredibly dependable. I agree fully with the PPI, and I turned down the first two QPs I looked at because they didn't come back happy.

Things to note:

1. You will be replacing your rear tires every 7-9k miles.
2. You will be replacing your clutch every 25-40k miles.
3. You will spend 10 more minutes everywhere you go because people will ask you about your car.

My dealer told me one very important thing about the DS transmission. Don't drive it like an old lady. The worst thing you can do for the transmission is drive it in Auto mode. Manual/Sport is where the car is happy. Funny thing is, that is where I am happy in it too!

My brother has an 07 QP SportGT with about 22k miles on it, and he has had no major mechanical problems (someone pulled one of the OH SH*T handles off, but I am sure that had to do with driving style)

I am sure you will be happy as hell with the car.
I couldn't have said it better myself. As long as you drive it hard, it will last longer. Sounds weird right? But its true!:)
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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