2006 QP, with 26,700 miles. The car has been garaged from day one, never used in the winter, and was owned by a clean freak (2nd owner). The inside still looks like a new, off the showroom floor car. My friend is the second owner. There are service records. It is a beautiful car. It's pristine. The car got "scraped" in my friend's office building parking lot, when someone was turning and they "scraped" the front of the car. I was told it was paint/scrape damage -- no body, structural, parts damage. That's what my friend told me. We are still searching for the records on this, but it does show on CarFax. If we find the records, we will share them.

The car is being sold because the owner died and his wife, who is my friend, does not drive the car, nor does she want/need it. I am doing her a favor. I am not making money on the deal. I am handling the estate, settlement, administration, etc., and simply helping her monetize various assets. That said, no, I cannot take the car and meet someone half-way, somewhere else, etc. If you are a serious buyer, come look at the car. You won't be sorry. The car is also being offered on consignment by a local exotic car wholesaler. Thanks.