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h2oman said:
Noticed 2006's showing up in dealer inventory. Are there zero changes for 2006?
there are these new iterations:
GS Spyder
QP Sport GT
QP Executive GT

from what i remember the Anniversary Blue Metallic is now a standard color. may be the dealer-members can fill us.

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Re: 2006 Coupe & Gransport

M! said:
who would buy 'just' a 2006 coupe when the GS is so much better?
The GS styling is a bit over the top (the side sills etc). I think the Coupe is more understated.

The GS interior I don't like. The seats are a nice shape, but I hate the Euro-trash Disco tech fabric, I know you can now get them all leather. The regular coupe leather interior is fantastic.

So, GS has 10HP more, bigger wheels (same for vintage coupe now for 06), better shift software, though 05 models got updates anyway, and....

The 05 coupes also pick up the new rear bumper valance and a very similar front bumper, minus the deeper spoiler of the GS.

OK, I do like the GS centre console, and the sport mode idle on the exhaust.

I specifically chose the Vintage Coupe over the Gransport, but it was the kind of car I was looking for.

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