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2006 = End of the Coupe??

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I was just reading in the latest issue of the Robb Report a 8-10 page advertisement section for Maserati. It listed the following cars as being available:

GranSport Coupe
GranSport Spider
Q-porte (Sport GT, Executive and base model)
MC-12 (even though they're all sold)

There is no mention of the Coupe. I know they phased out the base Spider, so has the base coupe gone the same way? If so, then 2005 was the last year you could order a car with a manual transmission. Those '05 GT Coupes and Spiders will be rare indeed.
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Maserati is going to relase a limited amount of Coupe GT's that will only come with a 6 speed manual in 06. Supposedly only 50 of them so they will be rare. If they sell well they will most likely produce more.

there is an article about it at autoweeks website. Here is the link.

Here is an intesting part of the article. "Selwa" is James Selwa president of Maserati North America.

Maserati can go down in price. Its cheapest car in 2005 was the Coupe at $87,983, including shipping. Selwa will launch a stripped version of the Coupe for $84,559, including shipping, in 2006.

"We have to get into that market with a six-speed bare-bones car without even a paddle shift," Selwa says. "We'll build 50 of them, build them to our specs and test the market."
TFaz- thanks for that article. Interesting stuff. I'm looking forward to seeing how this plays out. I know they have to have an MSRP from which everybody negotiates downward, but if delivery-mile-only, '05 coupes were selling around $75-80K, then a stripped coupe will never achieve an MSRP of $85K, nor $10K below it.

Unless it's a GranSport with a manual transmission - now that would be a bargain! It will be interesting to see what this year holds for selling out the last of the coupe body style once the introduction of the new coupe/spyder has occured.
I heard from my dealer that a new Coupe, based on the QP platform, is scheduled for sometime in 2007.
So would that mean available for delivery in '07 or introduced in '07?

Has anyone seen spy photos?
...Unless it's a GranSport with a manual transmission ....
How much does a kidney go for these days? Is there still a market for small children to work as chimney sweeps.... ;)
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