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There are a few threads on this topic, but having success today based on these am consolidating the great knowledge others have pulled together on this.

I am new to the forum and Maserati world after buying low KM 2005 GT CC. the reverse lever was 'floppy' and i fixed it today. all went well other than the fact that the screw holding everything together was either fused or some smart spark used superglue to install the black handle. with some local assistance, we, well, brute forced it, and re-made the screw head to salvage it (see attached). all working perfectly now and for a less than $150USD fix a good outcome.

Replacement Part - from hill engineering in the UK, just search their site for "reverse" and it is one of the few selections, is around 69pounds.

There is a perfect guide on You Tube, just search - "Maserati reversing lever' post is by Stephen Taylor. i am a first time poster so they won't let me post links...

great video, and definitely a diy job.

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