Up for sale is a RARE Blue 2003 Spyder GT - one of the true three pedal models - that needs just a little TLC to be great again. Priced accordingly and ready to go.

List Price: $5,500 FIRM

Below is how I've arrived at the list price and why it is firm. This car would very likely sell for far more than $14,000 if it had no mechanical issues, but I have taken that amount based on sold comps from CC and coupe vehicles. I have then subtracted repair cost estimates assuming a professional does the work. This is priced to move quickly!
  • Clean price: $14,000
  • Pilot bearing: ($6,000)
  • Window motors: ($2,000)
  • Fluids: ($500)
  • List price: ($5,500)
Rare blue 2003 Spyder GT that has been owned since 2015 but only lightly driven. A true manual and a blast to drive. I have replaced the heater core and installed JL audio speakers as well as a separate head unit. Clean title! Runs and drives very strong and only has 46k miles.

Common Issues
Title - Clean!

Heater Core - replaced with the Saab version when the car was first bought! No issues since, but the prior leak did cause the airbag light to come on.

Clutch - clutch is strong and does not slip, but the pilot bearing has started to squeal, especially when cold. If you're going to replace the pilot bearing, you'll definitely replace the clutch - so this is a clutch job. That said, clutch jobs on the six speeds are much less common as compared to the CCs.

Top - In good condition, but it does have the two small holes that are common near the frame joints.

Windows - what a pain on these cars. They are easy to get to, but Maserati charges an arm and a leg for the motors (which would be a $50-$100 part on any other car). Both motors need replacing at this point and the price is adjusted accordingly. Note that pictures currently have the driver side door skin off, but I have this and it will be replaced.

Buttons and vents - I never had an issue with these and never got the sticky buttons that many others complain of.

Headlight washers - one nozzle covering is missing.

Alarm - somehow, the alarm has gotten haywire with the door locks and the fob will lock the doors but they will automatically unlock. I have just pulled the automatic door lock fuse since locks are pointless in a convertible anyway.

Stereo - This has been replaced! A Rockford Fosgate slim head unit has been custom installed and the brains have been mounted under the arm rest. This supports JL Audio speakers all around (doors, tweeters, and behind the head rests). A subwoofer is supported behind the driver seat and an amp is mounted in the trunk. Note - the amp and subwoofer stay with me, but the real work is in all the wiring. As part of this process, the door speaker grills really could be replaced as one does not want to stay on.

Center rear storage - like most others, the lid has trouble staying closed.

Leather - certainly shows some wrinkles with age, but no major cracks or significant concerns. See pictures.

General TLC - the car hasn't been driven much at all in the last several years, so could use a whole round of fluids with a new owner.

Overall Condition
See the pictures - she's a little dusty but generally very clean. There is one small rub on the front bumper and the wheels have some rash, but overall everything looks nice. She shines up very well.

This is not a perfect car and I'm not asking for a perfect car price - but if you want a rare car for an unheard of price and can put some elbow grease in...you won't find this sort of deal often, if ever.

Please text me! If you call, I'm unlikely to answer an unknown number. 832-314-5608