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2003-2005 Cambiocorsa

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Hey guys.. i've been looking into the Maserati Gransports or Cambios. I currently have a 05 Infiniti G35 and a 06 Lincoln Navigator. I will be trading in the G35 to get one of the 4 cars listed below. Maserati is definitely one of my top 4 choices with either:

1.) 2005 SL 500
2.) 2005 E55
3.) 2002 Porsche 911 non-turbo
4.) Maserati Gransport Cambiocorsa

However, I am really looking into reliability issues with Italian Made cars. Is it too much maintenance? I suspect I will be driving it 3-4 times a week. With a max of 3040 miles each time I drive. Transmission Issue?

Basically i'm looking to see if it has any MAJOR issues that will cost me an arm and a leg if I do go the Maserati route.

I look forward to hearing your responses and hopefully I will be an avid poster if I decide Maserati! Thanks. :)
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CC. There's a little bit of a squeal on launch occasionally (probably a bearing), but plenty of grab (it'll still chirp in 3rd).
The squeal is probably the TO bearing, not the clutch. Had mine repaired under warranty. Seems to be a pretty common issue.

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