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2003 ? 2004 ?

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What's the difference between maserati coupe 2003? and maserati coupe 2004?
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One thing I don't hear about the 2002 is that it's the only model with launch control. You can't get that on the new 430 in the US.
It's a much rawer car if you like that and it has the most direct CC in the maseratis. Shifts are harsher put it in sport/no TC/and launch; pow CC is right there. I did not and will not upgraded my CC software, this is how I like it to shift. But in auto its a nightmare, and can be tricky around town.

Forgot one other thing also kicks up rpm's during down shift.

I am not sure the US GS gets LC, form what I have read LC is no longer offered on US cars. Not sure why clutch wear or safety. But SF Maserati informed me that the 2002 was the only Maserati that came with LC. The CC porgram has been softened by slipping the clutch to eaze the shifts.

1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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