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2003 ? 2004 ?

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What's the difference between maserati coupe 2003? and maserati coupe 2004?
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I have a Spyder, but here is what I think is different.
2004 has a cupholder, a lowered hump over the driver side instruments and speedometer, and a hill hold mode so you don't roll backward when you take your foot off the brake before the clutch has engaged (not sure how this works, or if it is available on both the CC and standard transmissions).
I went with the 2003 since at the time I purchased it, there was one on the floor in exactly the configuration I wanted, and a 2004 required a 5 month wait. I did have the dealership retrofit the 2004 center console with the cupholder, which was apparently a much bigger pain for them to do than they thought.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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