I have a Maserati Spyder that isn't getting used enough and I think I need to part with it. It is a manual shift, dark red exterior (Rosso Bologna?), black soft-top and tan interior. Its far from perfect: all of the vents/most of the buttons are sticky; the headlight covers are a bit foggy; the CD trim is broken/missing; one of the wheels may be out of true (I had it straightened out, but its still not perfect), etc. It's still a joy to drive; and the A/C works; the soft-top works; all lights/gauges work - the car will pass a mechanics safety check.

It was imported from the US and it now resides in Toronto, Canada. Very low miles. I will share some photos of the interior and the engine compartment if that helps. I can also answer any detailed questions (I hope!).

I am uncertain of the value, so its probably a best offer thing (I will look to the experts in this forum to advise on what a thing like this is worth).