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the color is "giallo granturismo", but the way the seller put it in the title, it is confusing potential buyers.
as well, they are either very confused or they try to confuse:
"This Cambiocorsa is extremely rare finished in Gran Turismo yellow and the powerful 4.2 liter V8 is a mated to a traditional 6-Speed manual gearbox. This is unlike many of the cars produced, which were equipped with a problematic F1 sequential-manual gearbox. It also is equipped with the optional Skyhook Suspension Package and factory installed Tubi Exhaust ($4,000), which sounds marvelous."

"Our love for cars is second to none and we will do whatever it takes to earn your business. "
they really want the business, hence the buyer is getting a bargain: a Coupe GT labelled as Gran Turismo and Cambiocorsa, all in one. lol.

going back to the car itself, i nevered liked yellow but the updated wheels (they didnt even mention it) in black looks good. now it just need the tail lights tinted and it will be a classy maserati coupe.

honestly, i bet you there will be someone who cannot afford a 08/09 granturismo now and will find a 02 coupe a good start.
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