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I have some really good news for everyone! Hawk have given me a discount code to share with everyone for their pads now we know they fit! I don't know how long the code will last, but it is 20% off and you can use it for any of the pads on their website!

I've added the discount code to the description on the video on my channel!
And I'll add it to all the follow up videos on brakes that I'll be doing (there will probably be another 3-6 videos across a couple of different cars including a few follow ups on the Maserati). This is the thread for the pads Why I'm Making My Own Brakes

I want to clarify that I'm not paid by Hawk, and I'm not sponsored by them. They literally provided the pads so I could confirm fitment, this is just a company that cares about building good will with its customers. The site still hasn't updated the part list for the pads so the part numbers that fit are below!

The road pads are:
Performance Ceramic: HB545Z.564 HB170Z.650

HP+: HB545N.610 HB170N.650
Blue 9012: HB545E.610 HB170E.650
HT-10: HB545S.610 HB170S.650
DTC-30: HB545W.610 -
DTC-60: HB545G.610 HB170G.610
DTC-70: HB545U.610 HB170U.650

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