Sexy Italian beast that is ready for some lovin!! This is being sold as a mechanics special. The car does NOT run! I bought this baby from a tow yard, so I don’t have any details from the previous owners. The car has only 25k miles on it, and is very straight with no prior accidents or bodywork. I bought a new battery and have already registered the car in my name. Pink slip in hand with clean title, registered as non-op. No plate because tow yard takes the plates and DMV won’t issue new plates until the car is smogged and registered as operational.

Doing a little research on the car, they were prone to have gremlins in the fuse box. The interior lights go on, and the door buzzer buzzes when you open the door, but that s the extent of it. I can’t get the ignition to power on the car, or even turn the starter. The car appears to have been put in dry storage since oil, coolant, and gas was drained. It looks like the clutch line is leaking (yes, this baby is a 5 speed manual) since it sprays fluid on the ground when clutch is pressed. The car can be put in neutral, and rolls fine.

This is the 2.5l twin turbo carbureted that was released to the US market to combat the BMW yuppies.

If you are still reading, then you know this car is truly a gem. The headlight surrounds and wheels alone are worth more than what I’m asking for this car.

The paint is a little faded on the trunk (but can be buffed out) and the backs of the front seats are slightly torn (nothing a good set of target/Walmart sheepskin covers can’t fix) but overall the car is pretty presentable, as you can see in the pics.

Unfortunately, my electrical skills are rusty, and I don’t have the know how to troubleshoot the fuse box or whatever theft device the previous owner may have put in to not allow the ignition to light up (key turns, but doesn’t engage any lights).

Come get this off my hands and on the road! Low ball offers (you can’t really low ball an already low asking price anyway) or Nigerian price scams will be messed with for my own personal entertainment!

$2250 OBO