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Can anyone help me with tune-up specs for a 1967 quattroporte 4.2L? I took it
to my
mechanic today to have the backfire fixed and he cannot find the info to check
it out. I need:
point gap
and anything else you can help with. Thank you

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Do you belong to Maserati Club International? They are the largest Maserati parts house in the USA. Incredilbe knowledge and very willing to help.

Give Kerry or Stuart a call at (253) 833-2598 and they can give you the spec's you are looking for.

Here is a list from their website of all the manuals they carry for the Series 1 Quattroporte:

A Spare Parts Manual Ref. 230 $65
B Spare Parts supplement Series II & 107/A Ref. 231 $25
C Owner/Operator Manual for Series I Ref. 228 $65
D Owner/Operator Manual for Series II (from car 1412)Ref. 229 $65
E Information Manual, in Italian. Lots of good specifications, if you can understand some Italian. For Series I Ref. 227 $65
F Maintenance Manual; excellent information, but in Italian Ref. 226 $65
G Borg Warner Automatic Transmission in English. Service Manual for Maseratis equipped with the BW Auto Trans - very complete. Ref. 248 $65
H Salisbury Hypoid Axles in English. Service Manuals for Maseratis: 3500 GT, Mistral, Ghibli, Mexico, QPorte, Indy. Ref. 249 $65

Hope that helps,
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