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Does anyone have any experience with Ghiblis ? Are they good drivers cars ? How much would you need to budget in annual running and maintenance costs ?

The following is coming up for auction shortly and I would appreciate any and all comments:

Originally a coupé, this left-hand drive Ghibli was converted to factory Spyder specification for the vendor by marque experts Vale Cottage Motors in 1996 at a cost exceeding £25,000. The car has been in the current ownership for the past ten years and comes with an extensive service record at recognised Maserati specialist Bill McGrath, work undertaken including an engine rebuild at a cost of more than £10,000. Well known in international Maserati circles and a rally prize-winner, ‘GIB 5000’ has been used mainly on the Continent where it has been stored for the past 12 months. The vehicle is finished in black with matching leather interior, the latter equipped with £2,000 CD stereo system, and is reluctantly sold
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