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Based on the details in your PM, presumably you are referring to the 1960 3500GT Vignale Spider (chassis number 101.761) being offered by Russo and Steele at the Scottsdale auction. It is an early example in black with tan interior, and sounds very nice from the auction catalog (most of which are notoriously inaccurate, BTW). It was previously offered by Goodings at Monterey in August 2008 with an estimate of $275-$325K, but was a No-Sale there (I have no data on the high bid). Obviously the seller hopes for a better outcome this time around.

A comparable car (101.1007) was sold by RM at the Monterey auction in August 2007 at $275,000, and a later car (101.1457) also in excellent condition was sold last autumn (2008) by Worldwide Group at the Hilton Head Concours for $211,200. Sale prices in Europe have generally been higher over the last couple of years, after currency conversion.

Vignale Spiders are beautiful, well-made cars with great performance and style, and currently sell for about 1/10th the price of a comparable Ferrari, so they are arguably quite a bargain at those prices.

Doug alias Peconga
Boise, Idaho USA
1963 Sebring 101.01945 (Current)
1960 Vignale Spider 101.1043 (Former)
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