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18,500 miles service ... $900 ??? Anyone?

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This is how much they're charging me for the 18,500 miles service on my '02 Coupe GT. Is this normal?
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Thanks, but that doesnt answer my question directly....

thanks for trying... anyone else?
£450 or $900 for 6250 miles service in the UK
32K service

I just had the 30K mile service done and it came to $2000 including a heat shield and a couple other little items that needed replacing.

They also performed over $3K in warranty work that was billed to the factory.

FYI, the 32K service included the following on my car:
flush, replace every fluid in car (engine, trans, brakes, etc)
replace all filters (fuel, oil, air, pollen, etc)
new engine acc belt
new plugs
torque a bunch of things
software update

Warrenty work included:
door moldings torn (windows were maladjusted)
fuel injection rails
new motronic ecu
new air flow meter
some other things

My dealer (Auto Gallery in LA) is not particularly speedy (3 weeks to do what is only a couple days of work) but they pay attention to every little thing and the car runs a lot smoother now. I thought for the amount of work they did and the fact that the car is an exotic, the price was only a little horrible. I figure this much work on my Chevy would have been about $900 (tuneup, fluids, etc).

The funniest thing I found is that they said I was the first 30K mile service they had done since none of their other customers drive the car as much as I do.

Servicing the Maserati is a little bit of sticker shock but in 30K miles over 22 months, the car has been relaible and fun.
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Just got mine back from the 2 year (18.5K) service. I've had mine 2 years and driven 14.5K miles. The total was $2100. This is broken down as follows:

$1300 Labor and $616 in parts plus tax & shop materials. All fluids (oil, brake, gear box diff, power steering, a/c refrigerant, coolant) and filters (oil, air, pollen) were replaced.
Maserati 4200CC 18k Service

Just had a quote from the local dealer to service my 4200 at 18k miles. Its £892 - about US$1500. :shock:
That is not so bad. I drive a bunch of old bangers, and usually count on spending $500 to 1000 per year to keep 'em going. Something always breaks.
I have pretty up to date info as I just picked up my car from the dealer today for the 18500 service, total tab was $4757, broken down this way:

Service for 18,500--$1140

oil change and filer, Agip oil
Brake fluid change
AC anti pollen filter
Air filter
2 extra quarts of oil

Clutch Replacement

Clutch Disk---$710
Thrust Bearing,..$468
Labor $2100

CD was stuck.had 2 discs in the player
$100 labor..
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