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17 SQ4 ticking

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I have a 17' SQ4 that has this tick sound on the driver rear tire area. Basically, the car will make a tick (almost like the tick the car makes when putting in park) when stopping, turning or sometimes when I go to even sit in the car before starting. The dealer knows about it and can even replicate the noise while car is on the lift but they CANNOT for the life of them figure out what is making the noise. I had the car at the dealer for 3 weeks and still nothing was fixed. They thought it was the rear tie rod adjustment rod bushing so replaced it and nothing was fixed. One thing I have noticed is when suspension is on sport I can feel some vibration but not sure if that's part of it too. Thoughts?
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Honestly, that can be anything back there...I'm a little surprised they can't find it when they can replicate it on a lift...It could be something with the CV axle etc...They are in a much better position than any of us to diagnosis it honestly...Internet diagnosis is free and there is a reason for it...Jason
Yea, makes sense and I will be heading back to dealer next week to have the axle shaft replaced which is a guess they said. If it’s still making the noise I am getting rid of the car. I like the car but not enough to have it click all the time.
I get it, but your first problem here is going to the dealer...They are just limited and are not very flexible for franchise reasons for stuff like this...Personally, I would have just bought a used axle off Ebay and popped it in there weeks ago and go from there...This is something I tell customers all the time as I don't always have an answer to everything.."When you know what it isn't, then you are that much closer to finding out what it is"...J
It’s under warranty so having them play with it right now. Just wish they had a clue!
Just a little update on the rear tick. It was not a driver rear axle shaft but some vibration seems to be gone now. The one dealer has basically given up so I took it to the second Maserati dealer here in St Louis. The tech inspected and is confident it’s a hub. That will be replaced in a couple weeks when part arrives so fingers are crossed. Crazy a repeatable noise can be so hard to figure out.
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