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11,000 on the front tires

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this is what htey llokd like after, and can you believe it no sliding what so ever when i was driving....

THis is an amazing handling car, that makes u want to go very fast in the turns.

I live in an area where i have to drvie Hwy 1 and 92 all the time and on occasion i take 84. For my fellow brothers and sisters that are not familiar with these roads they are quite twisty.

I guess thats why i had to change them at only 11,000 with no track time at all. Can you imagine how much tire i would hae if i bought this baby to Infineon or Thunderhill...

I think i may just try tht since i have a new set of tires.(replaced the rears at 8000....


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did you under inflate your tires?
haha said:
did you under inflate your tires?
I replaced my tires at 5000 miles and they looked nearly as bad. Inside edge wear was surprisingly bad. We discussed this before in this board, but I would greatly encourage the coupe/spider owners to check the inside edge of their front tires. The outside edge appeared to have >50 tread left, but the inside edge was toast. According to the local dealer, it is due to an aggresive alignment setting.
Negative camber Toe Out

Everyone wonders why are cars handles so well??

Its because of the Toe Out of the fronts suspension. Have you ever noticed on the highway when theres a groove or something like that, the car tracks right on it.

We will always have these problems if you want to call them problems but they are so the car handles so aggressively...

I think its bad ass!!!!

Happy carving
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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