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08 GT plugs and coils

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Hey, I am getting some check engine codes for misfires in my 08 gt- I have been recommended to change out plugs and coils to do so by a shop near me but they are charging like 3k to do it, but from what I can see scuderia parts gives me everything for under 700 and I can just do it in my garage saving time and money. However, I do not want to mess anything up in a car like this, so is there any guidance anyone can provide before I start? nothing looks particularly difficult from what I have seen online and it does seem to be the same process as about any car. is there a trick to removing the coils also? Thanks!
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That isn't really diagnosing a car..That is just throwing parts at it...I replaced 2 coils all of last year...I would find another shop and have them diagnosis the car properly..Jason
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