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I know there is a fix for an instrument cowl squeak but I have some additional info that may help others. I was having this awful squeak since I got the car but dint get it in 'til last week for the 6k. I figured the cowl campaign (recall) would fix it. Got the car back, drove it 1/4 mile and still there. That someone dint take the car out and test is beside the point, but put the car back on the delivery truck and sent it back to dealer. I ended up going up to pick the car up and drove it again. SQUEAK STILL THERE!! after tech put more adhesive felt in. He spent another hour on it and found the problem:

The door panel under the steering wheel that covers the cd changer has two little tits. They rest on a portion of the panel which is attached or connected somehow to the inst cowl; it was squeaking and the sound transmitted all the way up sounding like it was behind the instruments. Sound coming from area completely away from where it sounded like. He put felt tape under these little tits and squeak gone.

Hope this helps someone regain their sanity like it did me..


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