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IdefendU said:
I did not see the red indicator....and we tried a number of times to get it into reverse, once after rolling it forward a small distance. The dealer has not followed up with me yet, so I suspect it is more than a minor problem.

As for the price, I too thought it a little high...where would one put a price on an 04 with 20,000 or less miles? I have tried to use ebay as a database, but not alot of those vehicles are actually selling, mostly because they fail to hit the reserve.
I have been doing a lot of research for my January purchase. A 2004 Coupe CC with around 10k miles will run around $63000. Maserati of Minneapolis has a 2004 Coupe CC with 5300 miles on it for $63995. Don't know if they deal but if so, that would be iceing on the cake! Can't wait to fly out to Minneapolis in late January and drive one back to Texas (guess we'll see how it handles in the snow!) ;)

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